Last week, I ventured to California to play some shows and meet some amazing folks…and have some In-N-Out Burger too. Naturally. (Protein-style, of course.) But the best part of the trip was the four days I got to spend with my wonderful brother JD, my lovely sister-in-law Chrissy, and my favorite niece, Josephine. (She’s my only niece, but that’s beside the point.) Josephine is four years old, goes by Jo, and is absolutely adorable. During our many hours of playroom time, she taught me some fun life lessons I thought you’d like to hear:

“Aunt Ginny, I feenk you should come play with me in the playroom right now, don’t you?”
Ask with kindness and charisma, and you shall receive.

“Let’s play Halloween and Patrick’s Day! Let’s dress Elsa up like Moana! And we can dress Belle up like a troll!”
The more imaginative you are, the more opportunities you create.

Jo: “They’re going to destroy the whole world!”
Me: “Oh no! Can we save it?”
Jo: “Of course we can, Aunt Ginny. We have super powers!”
Fearless faith and optimism are the secrets to accomplishing anything great.

Jo: “I don’t ever have to go to woman school ‘cause I’m a girl.”
Me: “But one day you will be a woman.”
Jo: (long, thoughtful pause) “Oh… I will?”
Me: “Yep. One day.”
Jo: “Oh, ok… But for right now, I’ll just go to girls school.”
Life is best lived one step at a time, and contentment comes with enjoying being right where we are.

Thanks, Jo!

Have the adorable little humans in your world offered you any wisdom you’d like to share?
We’re all ears!


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