From Team Ginny:

New Release Today is featuring Ginny this month and next! The 5th Annual fan-voted We Love Christian Music Awards are live through the 27th (please vote HERE as often as you can!), and Ginny’s been nominated for two awards – Female Artist of the Year and Best Indie Artist/Group of the Year. (Fun fact: did you know Ginny is an indie artist? She is! She has her own independent label – ChickPower Music.) And please don’t forget to write-in her name for the Fan Impact Award! Oh, and as a heads-up, you don’t have to fill in all that stuff at the end of the ballot unless you want to enter the contest as well…

The We Love awards are announced on television at the beginning of February, and Ginny isn’t just nominated for two awards – she’s also been invited to perform on New Release Tuesday’s We Love Christian Music Awards TV special on TBN’s Juce TV network. Ginny will sing 30-second excerpts of songs from all the Female Artist of the Year nominees, as well as one of her own songs! Watch the show, or go see it in person for FREE on Thursday, February 2 at 7pm CST. Click HERE for details.

And don’t forget to vote — just click below!

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