MysteryOfGraceThe Story Behind Ginny’s Single “Mystery of Grace”

While living in New York City several years ago, I attended summer writing classes at Columbia University, where my classmates were primarily students from affluent backgrounds whose opportunities in life had been limitless.  Though I found getting to know my young classmates a delightful, intriguing experience, I quickly discovered how empty and sad many of their hearts were.  Though they had everything, it was clear from their writing and their conversation that something was missing from their lives, and they’d spent much time trying to find that missing piece.  For them, the idea of a God, a Hero, a Heavenly Father who could rescue and save was archaic, preposterous, and totally impossible.  Now I write every song with those students in mind, and “Mystery of Grace” was specifically inspired by them.  One of the greatest lies we tend to believe is that we are unimportant and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But grace changes that. It consumes us, replacing our feelings of doubt and insignificance with purpose and hope.

Grace is one of God’s most wonderful and most mysterious gifts. The more I receive it, the more I realize my desperate need for it. And the more I cling to it, the more I’m eager to give it away to others.  this song is written from the perspective of one who has experienced grace speaking to a friend or loved one who is in need of it.  I think that means it is a song and a truth we could sing to each other all the time.



Verse 1:
I’m here to dream for you
Dreams you cannot dream yourself;
I’m here to fight for you
And heed your every cry for help;
‘cause I believe in you,
And everything that you could be;
You’re hiding from the truth,
But now it’s time for truth to set you free—

You are loved; you are precious;
You are special in so many ways,
You will find joy that fills you,
Just give into the mystery of grace.

Verse 2:
You think no one can see
The tears that hide behind your eyes;
You think no one can hear
The thoughts and fears that fill your mind;
I don’t know everything
Everything there is to know
But my heart breaks with your pain
And I am here to help you let it go-

(repeat chorus)

Grace replaces who you are with who you can become,
Grace brings hope into the heart where there is none,
And when you find beauty in giving your life away,

Then you’ve tasted of the mystery of grace.


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