From Team Ginny:

Hey everyone! Can’t get enough of Ginny Owens? Want to know what she thinks about life on the road, being a writer, and pursuing God? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the internet for Ginny’s most recent interviews, and put together a list of our favorites.

The podcasts are great, not only because you can do other things while you listen, but because they get into content Ginny normally doesn’t get asked about much. And the text interviews are a great way to learn about Ginny and her most recent album, Love Be The Loudest. Enjoy!


Blind Bargains Qast 79 (Part One)
(starts at 22:55)
Part one: a relaxed conversation about Ginny’s early musical influences, life on the road, and the challenges of being an indie artist.

Blind Bargains Qast 81 (Part Two)
(starts at 28:45)
In part two, Ginny talks about Braille music, giving back, and educating people about blindness.

The Liturgists
A meaty, very frank interview about Ginny’s experiences with ableism.

Jesus Calling
A solid, almost stream of consciousness discourse about how life, scripture, and music intersect for Ginny. (There’s also a transcript if you prefer to read.)

Text Interviews:

Pursuits of God
A great interview that digs into Ginny’s approach to God and others.

The Young Salvationist
A nice interview about the album and Ginny’s background.

Hillary Manton Lodge
A fun blog interview with a writerly twist.

Leading Hearts
A short interview about Love Be The Loudest, and the life events that informed the record.

Louder Than the Music
A quick Q&A about the making of the album and what’s next.

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