From Team Ginny:

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Ginny is blind. (If you didn’t… spoiler alert!) When you first learned that, you were probably immediately curious. Questions popped into your head, one after another…

What’s it like being blind? How does she go places? How does she pick out her clothes every morning? Does she have a guide dog? How does she use Facebook? How is her makeup always so perfect?

The list goes on…

Most of us would never ask such questions for fear of being rude, but Ginny knows we wonder. So she’s made a bunch of videos that answer all kinds of questions! Titled “How I See It,” the series can be viewed right here on the website or on her YouTube channel. So far she’s released ten short videos on topics ranging from how she bakes her famous brownies to how she learned to play the piano. Check out Ginny’s methods for telling clothes apart, reading Braille, and yes – putting on makeup.

It’s fun, informative, and whether you’re visually impaired or not, I guarantee it’ll get you thinking about how you do things.




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