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Sing Hope in the Darkness is Ginny’s first worship EP! Recorded at the Art House in Nashville, produced by Tyrus Morgan (Unspoken, We are Messengers), and mixed by Seth Tally (Sandra McCracken, Bethel), this organic, live offering features songs that run the gamut from modern worship to ancient hymns.

“My hope was to create songs that are useful for reflection and worship, with strong, clear truths people will want to sing to themselves beyond Sunday morning,” Ginny said of the project.

The lyrics of Sing Hope in the Darkness were largely inspired during the writing of Ginny’s new book, Singing In The Dark.




What others are saying about the book:

“With gentleness and vulnerability, Ginny Owens leads us into an exploration of the songs of the Bible. Few things speak to me from Scripture more than the expressions of deep longings, joy, and pain expressed by so many of the real human souls we meet there. I’m captivated by Ginny’s ability to bring these passages to life by bridging to her own life. Who better than Ginny Owens to teach us all how to sing in the dark?”
~ Michael W. Smith, singer and songwriter, bestselling author, speaker, artist

“Ginny encourages me to sing through my own times of darkness, of walking through the valley when He asks us to.”
~ Joni Erickson Tada, CEO of Joni and Friends, global leader in disability advocacy, bestselling author, speaker, artist  


When we are faced with circumstances outside of our control, we can start to feel lost and hopeless. Blind since age three, Ginny Owens’s unique approach to music and books on darkness, life, and faith has a way of helping us see more clearly so we can find hope in the midst of suffering.

You don’t always get to choose your circumstances,
but you do get to choose the story your life tells. Here’s what I’ve learned:

You Have A Purpose

Despite your past failures or present weaknesses, you are part of a story that is much bigger than you, and far greater than anything you could ever imagine.

Pain Is Not Your Enemy

The more we know God, the more we can see that our pain has purpose, and the less we’ll be defined by it.

Gratitude Unlocks Contentment

When you feel unfulfilled, think about the things you are thankful for, and your anxiety will fade as your perspective changes.

Joy Is Possible

Joy is something we rarely talk about and experience even less, but it is possible. Joy is a real thing God longs for us to know firsthand.

Experience joy through music and writing – start here!

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both eps available now!

The second of Ginny’s two new EPs is out now!

Expressions II: Wonder is the second of two EPs released by Ginny Owens. Wonder is a more reflective collection of songs than the pop-infused Radiant, containing remixes of a few favorites, including “Remind Me (acoustic)” and “Magnified (acoustic),” as well as new contemplative offerings such as “Broken Beautifully,” an engaging, slightly humorous ballad about Ginny’s journey with blindness, and “Don’t You Dare,” a song of encouragement to those desperately reaching for hope. This gentle EP will especially appeal to those who enjoy Owens’ classic singer/songwriter stylings.

The first of Ginny’s two new EPs from late 2020:

Expressions I: Radiant features uplifting anthems such as “Stand With Me,” “Shine Again,” and “Echo” – get yours now by using the button here!

Expressions II: Wonder will be available on February 12 and offers more reflective, acoustic moments like Remind Me (Acoustic), Broken Beautifully (The Airport Man Song) and a guitar-vocal version of “Shine Again.”

Listen to and download the recent single “SHINE AGAIN, as well as other recent singles now!

(click images to get yours now!)

Through her music and desire to help other visually-impaired people with her online educational videos, Ginny’s angelic, beautiful music lets us see the heart of God and her real, hope-filled life. Thank you Ginny for sharing your gifts with us — you’re truly an inspiration to so many of us!
Annie B.

I love how much thought Ginny puts into her lyrics. I will always remember listening to my favorite songs on repeat while deployed in Afghanistan; she is truly a “light in the world.”
Rachel L.

Ginny Owens’ music has changed my life as I’ve learned to live a new normal with chronic illness. Many nurses and doctors have told me they needed to hear her music as it played in countless hospital rooms and even through entire operating rooms as a source comfort.
Ashley R.

There’s something to be said for the phrase “there are none so blind as those who will not see”… and Ginny represents to me the opposite of that. Despite her lack of sight, her vision is extraordinary, and her friendship and humor have been both an inspiration and a blessing in my life.
Pepper M.

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_mg_1398_smGinny Owens became a household name as the Gospel Music Association’s 2000 New Artist of the Year. Growing in notoriety as both a singer and a songwriter, winning 3 Dove awards and multiple ASCAP Awards along the way, Owens has sold over a million records over the course of her career. A top performer on the Christian radio charts with hits like “If You Want Me To,” “Free” and “I Wanna Be Moved” among others, Owens has released no less than 11 full albums and 3 EPs, and her music has also impacted mainstream audiences at Lilith Fair, the Sundance Film Festival and the White House.
Let It Echo

Let It Echo

I think people don’t often realize how much of an impression they can make on others when they aren’t afraid, or push past their fear, to simply let themselves be known, even in the smallest ways.

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Join my 2020 Vision Team!

Join my 2020 Vision Team!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been encouraged by my music in some way, and for that I am so beyond thankful! I absolutely love sharing hope, joy, and encouragement through the songs I write, and some days, I still can’t believe I get to do this for a living…

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Let It Echo

Let It Echo

I think people don’t often realize how much of an impression they can make on others when they aren’t afraid, or push past their fear, to simply let themselves be known, even in the smallest ways.

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Stand With Me

Stand With Me

Like many of you, I am deeply concerned about our inability to see each other these days. It seems we have become slaves to our polarizing politics and our presumed right to speak our truth regardless of who we hurt. So we’re not listening. We’re shouting. And as a result, we’re all little islands, standing alone…

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Join my 2020 Vision Team!

Join my 2020 Vision Team!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been encouraged by my music in some way, and for that I am so beyond thankful! I absolutely love sharing hope, joy, and encouragement through the songs I write, and some days, I still can’t believe I get to do this for a living…

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I’ve never thought weakness was a good thing. As a person who can’t see, I find that people’s first impression of me tends to be that I am weak. That’s annoying. Hurtful. Sometimes even humiliating.

I have spent a lot of my life trying to prove I’m stronger, wiser, better than people think.

How about you?

The truth is, we all have weaknesses. None of us can do life alone.

We all need others to help carry our loads and navigate the road ahead. And they need us, too - to be honest that the struggle is real.

It turns out weakness is a powerful, beautiful tool God uses to deepen our character and teach us to trust Him – and each other.

It’s only when we know we’re weak that we ask for God’s strength.

Today isn’t all we have; in fact, it’s just our next step toward forever.
And Heaven’s promise of what forever will be like is incredible.
Just think about it…

Pain will be gone. No more tears. Darkness. Disease. Doubt.
God and us, face to face forever. Here’s a song all about it. Listen to it. Sing it with your friends or your church. Get the mp3 and charts on @weareworship by clicking the link in my bio!

Happy Friday! I hope you're able to take a break this weekend and enjoy some time outside if it's not sooo hot out ☀️ 😂 I personally am already READY to say "bring on the snow!" ❄️

Are you a summer🏖 or winter☃️ person?
I’m good with winter ❄️. Totally good with it.
I prefer fall, but I don’t mind the thick jackets and blankets and the radiator on full blast.

How about you? What is your favorite season and why do you love it?

“...because you’re a human being, you know what it is to do battle with darkness.” – Singing in the Dark, Introduction.

Do you enjoy the reading plans on @youversion as much as I do? There is now one for Singing in the Dark. Yea! And it’s only four days, so it’s easy to finish! You can find it by clicking the link in my bio!

“At every turn,
You think you’ve been defeated;
It’s taken all
You have to just get through;
And though you may not see it now,
Hope is waiting,
Reaching out its arms for you.” – "Don’t You Dare", Ginny Owens.

Whatever it is you're facing this week, whatever you're in the middle of, I pray that you're reminded that hope is, indeed, waiting and reaching out its arms for you. 🥰 Happy Wednesday.

I’m so excited that @weareworship is featuring “Greater Still” as their free song for the
next two weeks! So cool! If you’d like to have a transposable chord chart, sheet music, and mp3 of the song, check out the link in bio!

Before Moses died, he taught Israel a song of hope to sing in the Promised Land, so that they could stay connected to God. And guess how that song began?
By declaring who God is and all the ways He is great.
Why do you think Moses began the song this way?
Because when people sang it, it would remind them that God was more--
more powerful, more wise, more reliable, more loving, more perfect than they could ever hope to be.
And why was it important to repeatedly tell themselves that God was more?
Because the more they pondered who He is, the more they were moved by His
awesomeness—His “more”ness,” trusting Him with everything in their lives.
And the same holds true for us.
The greater we believe God to be, the greater our hope in Him becomes.
And as our hope in Him grows, our frustrations with current challenges and fears about the future begin to fade into the background.
What aspect of God’s character is the most moving to you right now?
I am thankful that He is both faithful—He never turns His back on me—and just—He
will one day right all the wrongs I see in the world.
I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave them in the comments.
So let’s think on God’s greatness this week.

The bigger our view of forever, the better we’ll live today.

Here is the brand new video for “Greater Still,” a song all about how the good things we experience now are just a taste of the best things yet to come.

If this song encourages you, I’d be honored if you’d share it. Enjoy!

Link in Bio for Full Video

#newmusic #lyricvideo #ginnyowens #ginnyowensmusic #ginnyowenslyrics #greater #hope

My favorite chats are the ones I get to have with my favorite people, and you guys know how much I love @andrewbgreer and @patsyclairmont! They invited me to join them on the Bridges podcast, where we talk about a little bit of everything, including the power of music. (Link is in bio!) ...

Got to make a quick trip to Dallas to join the @lifetodaytv team to record an upcoming episode of their show.

The loveliest people ever! 🙂

Can’t wait to share our time together with you! Stay tuned for details!

I have a fun idea called Musical Motivational Moment. I’ll share a chorus of a song with encouraging, inspiring lyrics to help us get through the week with hope.

What do you think? Is this a fun idea? If so, what songs, mine or anyone else’s, would you like to hear choruses of?

Here’s one of mine to start. It’s called “Don’t You Dare,” and you can find it anywhere you find songs.

Happy Sunday. I hope this truth encourages your heart as it’s encouraging mine today.

It only gets better from here, friends!







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