From Team Ginny:

Did anyone ever leave some groceries on your porch when you were broke?  Did you ever serve at a food bank? Can you think of a time when you either helped or were helped by another person?

God supplies all our needs, but he often uses other people to do it.  Sometimes, he uses us!  We’d like to encourage you to visit Ginny’s #LoveBeTheLoudest page HERE.  If you want to tell others about it, just direct them to LoveBeTheLoudest.com and they’ll get there.  It’s Ginny’s new site all about the incredible power of God’s love to conquer the darkness, and bring hope and change.

You may already know that Ginny is donating a portion of her Love Be The Loudest album sales to organizations that are putting love into action, both around the world, and here at home.  One feature of this page is that you can read about the organizations she’s partnering with.  Come learn about the amazing work they’re doing, and be encouraged; perhaps you’ll even decide to partner with one of them yourself.

Another feature of LoveBeTheLoudest.com is the blog, where you can hear stories of how God’s incredible love is affecting people as they serve and are served by others.  Ginny will be sharing some of her stories, but she’d love to share yours, as well – if you’d like to contribute, you can get in touch with Ginny at info@ginnyowens.com.

So please check out LoveBeTheLoudest.com, and think about how you might practice fearlessness, and share God’s love with the world.  Let’s go be light!

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