From Team Ginny:

Have you guys heard of Facebook Live? It’s a video function on the Facebook app that lets you record yourself live – and your viewers get to like and comment in real-time! It’s pretty cool, but you know what makes it awesome? Facebook Live with Ginny Owens.

Ginny’s already done a number of videos, all of which can be watched after-the-fact on her Facebook page. So far we’ve been treated to inside information about her newest album, conversations with friends, and even a cooking show! And of course, there’s always music.

You can find any of the videos she’s already recorded – sit back and enjoy her Love Be The Loudest album release concert, discover new music by her friends Patrick and Molly Lockwood, and check out Ginny’s awesome knife skills when she cooks with Cusiniana home chef, Dana Carter (aka “Mom”).

Don’t forget to like Ginny’s Facebook page so you get notified the next time she goes live, and join the fun!




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